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Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints Size: 700mm (W) x 560mm (H) x 35mm (D).

Each graphic is a limited edition one off print.

Outstanding quality. The canvas is printed with pigmented inks similar to airbrush-colours on industrial printers and fixated with heat treatment; another special UV-blocking varnish similar to artist's oil painting varnish.

We don't use any coated or lightsensitive media that are common on the market but real artist canvas (classical acrylic-chalk-coating) and unprimed textile.

The frames are built of technical dried wood from Scandinavia and doubled with water resistant glue.

Even in extreme ambients, with changes in temperature and moisture, the bars will stay straight. All these features sum up a product you can enjoy for many years!

Postage is within the UK only and will be sent "signed for". Click on an image below to view more detail.

biker boarder Birds Lewis


£250 + £20 P&P
Size: 700mm (W) x 560mm (H) x 35mm (D)


£250 + £20 P&P
Size: 700mm (W) x 560mm (H) x 35mm (D)

The Burds

£250 + £20 P&P
Size: 700mm (W) x 560mm (H) x 35mm (D)


£15.00 + P&P £4.95
Size A3 297mm (W) x 420mm (H)
Signed & numbered.
One of 20 digital prints on 200gsm Gesso art paper.